Faith is a Gift

The Rosary Garden Project was inspired by our Father who prayed the rosary on his daily walk.  Searching for an elegant, long lasting, eco-friendly memorial to celebrate his life was a challenge.  All of the concrete and engraved brick gardens we found were faded and crumbling so we began our search for a natural stone with beauty and strength.  A stone that could endure the test of time.

Granite was the answer and we invite you to join us in transforming an open area in your community into a sacred space with a walking Rosary.  Each stepping stone in a Rosary Garden represents a bead (or prayer) and can be used for walking meditation, contemplative prayer and as a teaching tool for students or RCIA candidates.

Our Father left us with his example, the Rosary he prayed on his fingers as he walked and four words we should always remember…”Faith is a Gift.”